About us

We are passionate about providing exceptional quality grains and superfoods to our customers.

Our purpose

Driven by our commitment to community and sustainability, we provide exceptional products that uplift local farmers and promote economic growth. With sustainable sourcing and fair trade practices, we contribute to a healthier future.


We proudly present Allin the international branch of Inversiones Vascu SAC, a company with a solid foundation built over a decade, Inversiones Vascu SAC has consistently delivered exceptional food production and maintained unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards. Now, as Allin, we extend our expertise and passion beyond borders, catering to the global market’s ever-growing demands. Our legacy and experience enable us to provide unmatched excellence in the production and distribution of food products worldwide.

OUR values


Providing high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Ensuring that the grains are carefully selected, processed, and packaged to maintain their nutritional value, freshness, and purity. Consistently delivering products that customers can trust and rely on.


A commitment to sustainable practices, including responsible sourcing, environmental conservation, and supporting local farming communities. Demonstrating a dedication to long-term ecological balance and minimizing the company’s carbon footprint.


Upholding ethical business practices and fostering transparency and trust with customers, suppliers, and partners. Honoring commitments, being accountable, and maintaining open and honest communication. Operating with integrity builds strong relationships and establishes a solid foundation for long-term success.


Producers join cooperatives, ensuring democratic decision-making, promoting free work, rejecting subsidies, and prohibiting child exploitation. They prioritize gender equality, dignity, and human rights, enabled by fair prices. Buyers provide stability through advance payment. Emphasis is on quality, sustainability, minimizing intermediaries, fostering direct relationships, and transparent product origin. Fair trade aims for inclusivity and fairness for all stakeholders.


Allin Natural supplies high-quality ingredients from the Andean to the world. We specialize in serving businesses in the Food Services, CPG Plant-based, and Clean Label industries.